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Screenshot Additional features Add-ins Community Reporting Bugs Developer Questions Download Center Invoice Templates External links Microsoft Visual Basic . Microsoft Visual Basic . Category:Discontinued Microsoft software Category:Microsoft Office-related software Category:Visual Basic softwareQ: Table SQLite I need to save a table to sqlite database so I do this: data = { '__id__': serialize.dumps(obj), 'text': obj.text, 'date': } cursor.executemany('create table mytable (__id__ text primary key, text text, date date)') This works ok but I don't want to create the table everytime I create a new instance of my class. I need some way of "defining" the table in the class and then "saving" it in the function. How can I do this? Thanks A: You can create the table in the class like: class MyClass: def __init__(self, name): = name def __init_db(self): self.db = sqlite3.connect('mytable.db') def __init__(self, name): = name self.db.execute('create table mytable (__id__ text primary key, text text, date date)') self.mytable = self.db.execute('select * from mytable') With the rapid development of Internet technology, the users have access to a lot of Internet contents. People may easily obtain various kinds of Internet contents via Internet. People may select a favorite Internet content from a number of Internet contents and store the favorite Internet content in a memory. The favorite Internet content may be an Internet news, a website, a service providing server, an enterprise server, and the like. When the favorite Internet content is stored in the memory, a user may find the favorite Internet content and read the favorite Internet content easily by using the Internet browsing function of the mobile phone. Generally, a be359ba680

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